Shane Lasley – Metal Tech News – January 13, 2021 $GMA

Geomega ready to scale up REE recycling

“We fully expect 2021 to be a transformational year for Geomega shareholders with the upcoming construction of the demonstration plant and its start of production of rare earth oxide using recycled magnets, a first in the Western world,” said Mugerman. “Geomega is looking forward to providing the required clean technology in the critical metal space to achieve a circular economy for rare earth magnets with its initial demonstration plant to be showcased in St-Bruno, Quebec.”

Geomega says the pilot plant testing has also validated and facilitated equipment selection for the construction of a larger demonstration plant in Saint-Bruno, Quebec.

In the meantime, the company expects to continue running the pilot unit on an as needed basis to test various types of feed materials it receives on a regular basis and to produce additional material for testing by various end users.

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