Rare Earth Element Recycling for the Permanent Magnet Industry

GEOMEGA owns the “ISR Technology”, a proprietary, low-cost, environmentally friendly way to tap a C$1.5 billion global market. We recycle waste profitably & safely from permanent magnets.

We are targeting recovery/production of Nd, Pr, Tb, Dy (mag-REE). The Mag-REE represent 30% of annual global demand for REE & 80% of total REE market value (170k tonnes/year). Our ISR pilot plant was completed in 2019, located near Montreal, QC. We have no scalability risk and are expect to expand in phases at extremely low cost.

Our next milestone is the EPCM & demo plant construction with 1.5 t/day input @ 30% saleable material (per 8 hr shift). We expect initial revenues of  $10 million CAD per year after ramp-up. We have low financing risk. Capital costs of $2.6 million CAD for the demo plant and we expect less than 2-year payback with profit margin of +20%. 

There is low marketing risk. We represent only 4% of the North American & European markets. We are only 0.5% of the world market.

We are easily scaled-up to 450 tonnes per year of oxide material, which yields $30 million CAD revenues. We expect to achieve a low-cost, staged expansion to 900 t/y of oxide = $60 MM Revenue/$12 MM EBITDA. We are ready to advance to demo/commercial stage (fully financed).



Geomega’s ISR Technology

It is proprietary and unique. The “ISR” branding refers to the Innord Separation of Rare Earths. The private company INNORD is 100% owned by GEOMEGA. Our method has advantages, like low CAPEX & environmental safety. It does not use organic solvents, which is an advance from the legacy solvent extraction methods (SX). We recycle waste from permanent magnet manufacturers and extract four mag-REE (Nd, Pr, Tb, Dy) using the ISR method, which has taken shape over 5 years of R&D and development work.

GEOMEGA owns 100% of INNORD, the innovation arm focused on scaling up “ISR”, a local, environmentally friendly REE recycling and refining technology.

GEOMEGA also owns 100% of the MONTVIEL rare earth asset located in Quebec with largest 43-101 bastnaesite resource in Canada, permanent access and excellent infrastructure.

We have appointed an official sales representative for Europe and Asia. They are based in Singapore, specializing in rare earths and minor metals. They have an extensive network with REE manufacturers, traders and end users.

We have secured suppliers for over 200 tonnes per year of feed material and we are developing new suppliers. There is opportunity for expansion. Reaching 900 TPY of saleable oxide equates to approximately 18-20% of current annual market needs for North America and Europe.

To learn more about Geomega, please contact Kiril Mugerman at 1-450-641-5119 or

The management of GEOMEGA includes Kiril Mugerman, Pouya Hajiani, Mathieu Bourdeau, and Alain Cayer. Our Directors are Gilles Gingras, Kosta Kostic, Jean Demers, Mario Spino, Matt Silvestro.