Geomega Resources Inc.
Critical Metals R&D
Critical Metals R&D image

Geomega is conducting testing at its R&D test centre in Boucherville on waste streams from companies that are in production and is evaluating the potential to extract value that is otherwise being lost today. Geomega’s intention is to apply its various technologies, through collaborative licensing and royalty agreements with several industrial partners, allowing for the extraction of valuable metals contained in their waste streams, which may not be economically, technologically, or environmentally feasible today. Geomega is evaluating several feeds in the mining industry, e-waste, mining tailings and industrial waste that have significant value in various critical metals.

  • Strong technical team led by CTO Dr. Pouya Hajiani
  • Leveraging REE expertise to evaluate other sources (mining, industrial & e-waste)
  • Developing innovative technologies for the critical metals essential for a sustainable future
  • Potential for royalties & licenses
  • Targeting:
    • REE
    • Co, Ni, V and Li (critical battery materials)
    • Nb, Ti, Ta and Cr
    • Other metals suffering from traditional non-sustainable processes

If you have materials that you would like to be evaluated to be used with Geomega’s technologies, please contact Kiril Mugerman for further information. ( or 450-641-5119 ext. 5653)