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Quick Summary of our model, KIRIL MUGERMAN 2019-11

“Here’s a quick summary of our model,” Kiril Mugerman. “What we are going to be processing is 1.5 tons per day of magnet waste. What is magnet waste? It gets produced from grinding down the magnets down to final shape and, as well, the end of life material. It’s all running at

30% rare earth elements.

It doesn’t matter if I’m getting a magnet from China, from the US, from Canada or from wherever — it’s always going to be running at approximately 30%. It always has those four elements: NdPrDyTb. I don’t have to deal with any of the cheap elements, like lanthanum and ceriums. Low capex, $2.6 million dollars, to process 1.5 tons per day over eight hours. That’s our starting point. That, with an operating cost of $3.00 per kilogram of the total rare earths, can generate $10 million dollars. On a $2.6M investment.

The profit margin is 20%. If I drive it up to full 24 hour operation, then that gives me 4.5 tons per day. Do the math, with that you can generate $30 million dollars of sales with $6-8 million of profits on a $2.6 million dollar investment. That’s starting to sound very interesting.”

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