Why GeoMegA? Excerpt from Thomas Krümmer 2019 article

Why GeoMegA? Excerpt from Thomas Krümmer 2019 article

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Thomas Krümmer November 16, 2019 article “RARE EARTHS”

From our sales agent, “Ginger International Trade & Investment Pte., Ltd. is a private company in Singapore, active in supply chain management of non-ferrous metals and alloys with a focus on rare earth elements and among its customers are global leaders in metals and related downstream industries.”

But what if the rest of the world wants home-made rare earths oxides?
There are about 60 rare earths deposits worldwide outside China, that junior miners try to develop.

The entire world market of rare earths oxides is around US$ 3.5 bio per year, >60% of which is China domestic.

No investor in its right mind will put up US$ 1 bio investment for an ore to oxide operation with no cash flow to be expected for >4 years, and then face aforementioned competitive conditions.

The answer to out of China rare earths oxide production is environmentally benign recycling.

As described above, China produces 75% of the world’s rare earths magnets. These magnets are being exported and they are core parts of – for example – wind power, electric vehicles, and even include the dozens of electric motors in conventional combustion engine cars, to name just a few applications.

The end of life scrap from these magnets can be used for recycling. This “NdFeB” magnet scrap contains the 4 elements that are 88% of the total value of all rare earth oxides today.

While there are already a couple of rare earth recycling enterprises in China with large capacities, albeit not environmentally benign, there is only one commercial magnet recycling company in the rest of the world with a competitive, environmentally benign concept.

That company is Geomega in Canada.

From all the rare earth companies I know, this is the only one who has a chance to turn out rare earths oxides in North America from 2020.

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