Montviel Hydrometallurgical Results

Highlights of the news release:

  • High recoveries of mixed rare earth elements (“REE”) and niobium;
  • Hydroelectric power and salt make up for full hydrochloric acid (“HCl”) regeneration on site;
  • 58 kg of regenerated HCl per metric ton of ore to extract REE and niobium;
  • 91%, 92% and 66% overall recovery of neodymium, praseodymium and niobium respectively;



Montreal, May 20, 2015 – Pursuant to the April 29, 2015 news release, Geomega Resources Inc. (“GéoMégA” or the “Company”) (TSX.V: GMA) announces the metallurgical performances of the preliminary economic assessment (“PEA”) process flow sheet for its Montviel REE and niobium project. The process flow sheet starts with a flotation stage, developed by Natural Resources Canada’s CanmetMINING in Ottawa, and follows with an innovative assembly of mature technologies generating synergy effects. The hydrometallurgical section was conceived and fully developed by the GéoMégA team at the Company’s laboratory facility in National Research Council Canada (“NRC”) in Boucherville, Québec.


“We developed an integrated hydrometallurgical process producing mixed REE concentrate and niobium oxide which is designed to operate with diminutive reagents, while minimizing effluent discharge. Beyond REE and niobium recoveries, in situ acid and base production and regeneration in tandem with water recirculation in a plant powered exclusively by hydroelectricity are the hallmarks of this process.” comments Pouya Hajiani, Chief Technology Officer of GéoMégA.


Rare earth elements and niobium recoveries


  Elements Pre-concentrate Hydrometallurgy Overall
Rare earth elements Lanthanum 92.7 % 97.9 % 90.7 %
Cerium 92.9 % 95.2 % 88.4 %
Praseodymium 93.9 % 98.3 % 92.3 %
Neodymium 93.0 % 97.9 % 91.0 %
Samarium 91.0 % 95.6 % 87.0 %
Europium 89.9 % 96.0 % 86.3 %
Gadolinium 88.6 % 90.2 % 79.9 %
Terbium 83.8 % 91.7 % 76.8 %
Dysprosium 74.1 % 84.8 % 62.8 %
Niobium 92.2 % 71.7 % 66.1 %


Only 58 kg of regenerated HCl per metric ton of Montviel ore are required to extract REE and niobium with above-mentioned recoveries. Both acid and base reagents are produced and regenerated directly on site using hydroelectric power and make up quantities of salt. GéoMégA has filed a priority patent to protect the novelty and innovative aspects of the process flow sheet after flotation stage.


Consumables per metric ton of ore


Consumable Per metric ton of ore
Flotation reagents < 5 kg
Salts make up < 2 kg
Hydroelectricity < 576 kWh *
Other reagents (Acid/Base) nil


* The kWh consumption per metric ton of ore accounts for all mining and processing operations.


“Numbers speak for themselves, the Montviel PEA process flow sheet compares favorably at every level. Most users of permanent magnets in traction motors and direct drive wind turbine generators have a sustainable conscience that reaches all the way to raw material extraction. With its underground, paste backfill of part of tailings, reagents regeneration, water recycling and 100% hydroelectric power design, Montviel is at the top of the sustainability chart globally.” comments Simon Britt, Chief Executive Officer of GéoMégA.



GéoMégA acknowledges Ahmed Bouajila and Elahe G. Langeroudi at G Mining Services Inc. for their guideline, assistance and support throughout the years. The Company would also like to express sincere gratitude to Dr. Tesfaye Negeri and his team at CanmetMINING for their achievement in flotation stage and genuine support. Also, the intermittent collaboration with COREM during the process development was appreciated.


Updated NI 43-101 resource estimate

The initial NI 43-101 resource estimate published in September 2011 identified (base case) 445,958 tonnes of neodymium oxide in the indicated category and 160,347 tonnes of neodymium oxide in the inferred category. The updated NI 43-101 resource estimate is expected next month.


About the Montviel rare earth element and niobium project

The Montviel project, 100% owned by the Company, is located approximately 100 km north of Lebel-sur-Quévillon and 45 km west of the Cree First Nation of Waswanipi in the urbanized southern part of Northern Québec. Montviel benefits from permanent road access, public infrastructure and skilled labour in the immediate project area.


About CanmetMINING

CanmetMINING, a branch of the Minerals and Metals sector of Natural Resources Canada, is a world class leader in the development and deployment of green mining science and technologies. CanmetMINING conducts research and development on a wide range of processes and technologies involved in extracting ore from the ground and transforming it into a concentrate, mineral product or metal. Much of CanmetMINING’s research is done in partnership with industry, provincial governments, other federal departments, universities and international agencies. These activities cover a broad range of in-house research and contracting-out on a cost-shared, task-shared or cost-recovery basis.



COREM is the largest organization in Canada totally devoted to mineral processing research and development. Recognized as a world-class organization, COREM provides a wide range of mineral processing and analytical services to companies that explore and develop ore bodies and transform or recycle mineral substances.


About National Research Council Canada

The NRC is the Government of Canada’s premier research and technology organization. The NRC Boucherville research facilities promote the growth and competitiveness of Canadian industry through research and development in materials processing technologies.


NI 43‐101 Disclosure

Ahmed Bouajila, P. Eng., Vice-President Metallurgy and Mineral Processing of G Mining Services Inc., is the Qualified Person under NI 43-101 guidelines who supervised and approved the preparation of the technical information of the metallurgical performances in this news release.


About GéoMégA (

GéoMégA is a mineral exploration and evaluation company focused on the discovery and sustainable development of economic deposits of metals in Québec. GéoMégA is committed to meeting the Canadian mining industry standards and distinguishing itself with innovative engineering, stakeholders’ engagement and dedication to local transformation benefits.


56,989,560 common shares of GéoMégA are currently issued and outstanding.


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 President and CEO Director of Corporate Development
 GéoMégA GéoMégA
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Cautions Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

This news release contains forward-looking statements regarding our intentions and plans. The forward-looking statements that are contained in this news release are based on various assumptions and estimates by the Company and involve a number of risks and uncertainties. As a consequence, actual results may differ materially from results forecasted or suggested in these forward-looking statements and readers should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements. We caution you that such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, as discussed in the Company’s filings with Canadian securities agencies. Various factors may prevent or delay our plans, including but not limited to, contractor availability and performance, weather, access, mineral prices, success and failure of the exploration and development carried out at various stages of the program, and general business, economic, competitive, political and social conditions. The Company expressly disclaims any obligation to update any forward- looking statements, except as required by applicable securities laws.

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