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Kiril Mugerman with Proactive Investors at VRIC 2020

Kiril Mugerman with Proactive Investors at VRIC 2020

Thanks to Proactive Investors for this interview with our CEO Kiril Mugerman at the Cambridge House VRIC 2020 conference.

“We want to start with Quebec because Canada is trying to become involved in the rare earth industy. We see the US & Canadian governments recently sign agreements to collaborate and kick-start that industry. Refining or recycling is the best way to kick-start that industry.” Kiril Mugerman, 2020-01-20.

Learn more about these government efforts here,

Canada and U.S. Finalize Joint Action Plan on Critical Minerals Collaboration January 9, 2020Ottawa, OntarioNatural Resources Canada Canada and the United States share a mutual interest in improving critical mineral security and ensuring the future competitiveness of Canadian and U.S. minerals industries. Collaboration in this area could attract investment to Canadian exploration and mining projects, as well as spur job creation and economic growth in various downstream industries.

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