To demonstrate and de-risk our technology for the mining scale, we are currently working with the permanent magnet industry to process their waste.

First, our process to adjust the magnets and separates rare earths from iron. That residues is then reprocessed to separate irons from valuables, such as cobalt. The mixed rare earths PLS is further processed to separate one rare earth at a time to 99% plus purity. Once all the rare earths are separated, the reagent is recovered to restart the process.

Once demonstrated on a small commercial scale with magnetic residues, innord’s modular technology can then be easily applied to a mining operation. This technology has the potential to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of rare earth mining to reduce the current cost of rare earth separation and to ultimately bring rare earth production back to North America.

We are Geomega. We offer a clean, innovative solution to rare earth separation without any organic solvents. Our scale-up model is based on recycling and gradually increasing the capacity with the mining scale while generating cash flows. Our approach substantially lowers the capital and the market risk while de-risking the technology.